These are common questions we get asked. And they are also important ones. The answer is yes, CBD oil is legal in NZ and you can bring medicinal cannabis products and CBD oil with you when you travel. However, as of the 1st of April 2020, it is now illegal for you to import any medicinal cannabis products into NZ.

Let me discuss these scenarios in detail and give you more information below.

Is CBD Oil Legal In NZ?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in NZ as a prescription medication and is available for purchase through your local pharmacy. You will need a prescription for it. In order to obtain this, you can speak with a Cannabis Clinic specialist or to your own GP.

CBD oil has actually been legal in NZ since late 2017 and patients have been using it since then. While this is great, there are unfortunately barriers to access. We get a lot of people who have been refused by their GP to have a prescription. This is mainly due to lack of experience and confidence in prescribing but it also reflects some opinions about CBD oil as being “snake oil” and not genuine medication.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has announced Cannabidiol (CBD) will remain a controlled drug with restrictions expected to be lifted in September so that GPs and other doctors can prescribe CBD to patients without needing special approval.


GPs and other doctors will be able to prescribe CBD products without needing special approval;

CBD products must be GMP (pharma grade) but will be allowed trace contamination of up to 2% other cannabinoids, meaning botanically-derived CBD will be allowed;

Challenges remain for filling any prescriptions for CBD: no products are currently approved in NZ, none can be made in NZ, and imported products cannot be stockpiled here;

Patients with a prescription will not be allowed to order suitable CBD products from overseas – they must ask their prescriber or pharmacy to import it for them;

Funding will remain an issue, with pharma-grade CBD products relatively expensive.